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Active Engagement for Positive Change

Envision 2020 is a community-driven strategic planning effort involving citizens and leaders in the Central Alabama counties of Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, Macon and Montgomery - the River Region. Its purpose is to develop shared goals encompassing all aspects of the region' s future and to see that those goals are implemented.

Current Focus

Understanding that local healthcare access issues must be solved through active partnerships of local people, as well as within the existing healthcare provider framework of challenges and opportunities that impact healthcare at the state and federal levels, Envision will continue to serve as a leader to create effective and fruitful relationships to impact the quality of healthcare provided in our region. Learn More

2016 Mental Health Conference

The 2016 Mental Health Conference 'Hidden in Plain View: The Human and Economic Costs of Mental Illness' was held on March 30th and featured former U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy as the Keynote Speaker. Commissioner Jim Perdue from the Alabama Department of Mental Health, Leon Evans, CEO of The Center for Healthcare Services in San Antonio, and Col. Jeff Dunn, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Community Corrections, were also featured speakers.


2014 Oral Health Conference

The Oral Health Conference 2014 was held Friday September 12, 2014 at Auburn University Montgomery and featured Claude Earl Fox, M.D. as the guest speaker.

Poor oral health, like other chronic health conditions, is a problem for the River Region, and the need for care is great. The root causes of poor oral health are debatable, as are the potential solutions.

The financial and social causes were addressed by the panel of experts.

Oral health, or the lack of it, is a community issue, said Dr. Earl Fox. Children with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school, and in adults, problems in the mouth exacerbate other health issues such as diabetes, in addition to causing lost productivity at work, Fox said. Read More

Definition of Hope

A desire of some good, accompanied with an expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable; an expectation of something which is thought to be desirable; confidence; pleasing expectancy. This photograph was given to Envision 2020 co-founder, George Goodwyn, as symbolic of the promise of this new collaboration among citizens, business and government. The picture was made by John Scott and is of a concrete wheel bumper he found in the parking lot on lower Washington Avenue adjacent to Court Square.

"Roofs and Roots" - A Community Impact Project

TIME TO VOTE! The Healthy Minds Network has applied for a grant to provide secure and supportive housing and employment training for mental health consumers under the care of the Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority. Click here to learn more about the Roofs and Roots community project and VOTE! Please vote daily through May 12th. We can do this, together!! VOTE NOW: http://act.usatoday.com/submit-an-idea/#/gallery/60470808

Faith and Mental Health Seminar

Seminar at First United Methodist Church focuses on mental health and faith and highlights needs in the community. 

Check out this story on Montgomery Advertiser!


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Montgomery Advertiser: 'First Aid' Mental Health Training Offered

Central Alabama Community Foundation awarded a $1500 Grant to Auburn University at Montgomery on behalf of The Healthy Minds Network in December 2016.  The funds will go towards Mental Health First Aid training materials for ‘First Aiders’ dealing with Youth and Adults, enabling them to  identify those with mental health issues who need assistance getting connected with the appropriate community resources.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mental Health First Aid training to be offered in the River Region.

Contact Alana Barranco at 334-244-3048 or alana.barranco@summasource.com for more information.

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